Babel Studios V2

web design, branding and various miscellaneous


After the closing down of Babel Studios v1 I found a building in Borough that only needed minor renovation.

I was able to spend more time on this iteration of the site, but still wanted it to be clean and minimal. The visual identity of Babel has always been functional rather than stylish (which goes for the fabric of the building as well). This is because it is my tenants who will end up defining the space, with Babel merely a background setting.

Some details

An animated menu icon (just wait a bit...)

A pinstripe mask


It can be odd what you find you need to design. I illustrated all the objects so people wouldn't have to think too hard. Unfortunately whilst I got compliments for the poster, people still drop uncollapsed cardboard boxes in the bin...


A couple of invites to events I have organised

Signs for post boxes

Also helps people relate where the studios are in the building

New Logo

A radical re-design

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